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Carmel Glenane founded the Atlantis-Rising Healing Centre™, and began teaching and healing in Coolangatta in 1991. Today the business is located directly in the the heart of Coolangatta, in Calypso Plaza Resort, with a retail gallery of fine designer jewellery. We have spacious energized therapy rooms for Readings, Healings, Massage and Beauty Therapy. Our Healings work through the principle of self-nurturing. By nurturing yourself through Reiki and the Feminine Energies, the mystery of the soul unravels, your perception becomes clear and your life improves, bringing Peace and Love. Our Atlantis Rising Reiki Retreat is a private beachside property located 15mins from the Atlantis Rising Healing Centre™, where we conduct Workshops, Meditations, Reiki Training and other events. Our Rising Mystery School programs are conducted in our Retreat Centre. The Atlantis-Rising Mystery School was founded in 2006, and teaches through The Philosophy of the Divine Feminine. Our ascension program teaches through the 5 levels of initiation revealing the mysteries gently. We introduce you to the mysteries through the healing vibration of Reiki (Senju-Kannon-USUI, Karuna and Seichim-Sekhem). Attunements are available in one-on-one intensive course or through work shops. Allow the secrets to be revealed to you through the mysteries of the feminine energies. Carmel Glenane founder and owner of the Atlantis Rising Healing Centre™ is an International Teacher, published author and sought-after speaker and healer.


We take care of all your wellness needs through our extensive range of holistic treatments including deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, ear candling and complete range of beauty spa treatments. We only use the highest quality oils and products which are all 100% natural and toxin-free

Reiki Training

Carmel Glenane is the creator of Senju Kannon Reiki™ , a unique stream of Reiki healing & teachings focusing on the feminine energy. She is globally renowned Reiki practitioner and Master Trainer.

Fine Jewellery & Crystal Sound Bowls Retail

We sell a range of unique, all handmade jewellery from both Australian and Global artists which you will find nowhere else in the region. We are also one of only two places in Australia who stock the amazing crystal meditation sound Bowls


Carmel organises and escorts spiritual transformation tours to exotic destinations around the world such as Egypt, Latin America, Japan & Greece.

Our Latest Updates & News

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New website launched

 We have done a major revamp of our website In order to serve you better, our dear clients and friends, we have decided to do some ‘renovation’ on our website to make it look more modern and more suitable to the needs of people today. If you are browsing to our site from your smartphone […]

8 Apr, 2015 Atlantis Rising

Dates for the 2015 Egypt Tour Announced

The Eternal Lights of Egypt Transformation Tour November 18th to December 2nd 2015 Holidays with a Difference… EGYPT – by Carmel Glenane Article Published in ‘Innerself Magazine’ The essence of Egypt is in aligning your consciousness to the Ancient Deities themselves. The Hieroglyphics of the temples reflect, through the reliefs, architecture and atmosphere the energies […]

20 Feb, 2015 Atlantis Rising