The Atlantis Rising Mystery School teaches through the philosophy of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine


The Atlantis Rising Mystery School Ascension program offers you the opportunity to integrate your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine self, through the Direct Path. The Direct Path is the middle ground, the Path of the Heart. (The Law of Maat – the Ancient Egyptian Goddess)

The Atlantis Rising Mystery School Ascension Stargate Guidesare a group of beings through The Philosophy of The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, who bring to you the knowing you are your own ‘Stargate’.   Being your own‘Stargate’is the knowing that your heart has ‘All’the power to create in the world of magical love. For when you are in this space, you are truly alchemizing in your re-union with ‘All’.

‘All’of every Living Intelligenceis now at your disposal to help you create with an ‘Abundant Heart’,and live through the ‘Law of Allowance’.

The gift of your own heart sees you now releasing the fight to stay ‘alive’ on your planet.  This remembering has encoded in it, the state of bliss, where ‘All’ and one live co-joining with you.  You are one of ‘us’, and we are ‘one’ of you.

For now, imagine a‘Stargate’.

It is a gateway to your‘stellar self’. The self of infinity,yet it is the gateway to the Earth’s Black Heart, where you have decided to re-incarnate bypassing the karmic wheel and creating with the zodiac wheel of ‘All’.  All possibilities become activated in this remembered space. 

You are your own hearts Stargate.

Carmel Glenane B A Dip Ed. Has created this ascension programme through the Ancient teachings of Atlantis and the Egyptian Mystery School philosophical systems. The teaching program is based on Carmel’s books: “The Alchemies of Isis Embodiment through The High Priestess”; “Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart A Blue Print for Living in the Now”; “Embodying the Divine Masculine of All Truth through The High Priest” and “The Miracle of the Mysteries Revealed through the Hearts Secrets” and her fifth book “The Final Secret”.  The training programs are also fully supported with Audio Meditations for each level. Meditations are available to download from all major music suppliers including iTunes / Spotify / Google play  and  This body of work offers the exploration and integration of The Divine Feminine and Masculine philosophy, allowing you to become your own Stargate.

The ascension program teaches through the five levels of initiation. Attunements/Activations and Initiations are available through one-on-one intensive courses.  Allow the secrets to be revealed to you through the mysteries. Carmel Glenane, founder and owner of Atlantis-Rising Healing Centre, 1993, international teacher, published author, and sought after visionary healer.

The Full Ascension Training program can be viewed below.

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Level 1 of The Mystery School ASCENSION Training Program – 

The High Priestess Training and The High Priest Training

have been Globally ACCREDITED through The International Energetic Healing Association in 2020 and are available as One on One Personal Training Programmes or are NOW AVAILABLE through ONLINE COURSES

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FEEL the Essence of The High Priestess & The High Priest through these Recorded Dialogues and Channelled Vocals with Carmel & Jackie Marshall:


Carmel is the founder of Senju Kannon Reiki, the integrated Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine lineage of Reiki.