If you are opening up a new business; creative venture; purchasing a new home/land or feel you need to clear and balance the energies of your existing residence or land a property/land clearing and blessing is a perfect way to bring energy and light to your environment.  You will receive an abundant energy flow, enhancing loving communications and improved health outcomes. 

Our properties can carry heavy, stagnant energies which are known to create disease, emotional imbalances and disturbed sleep patterns.

I incorporate Crystal Tones Advanced Alchemy Singing Bowls in property clearings.  By attuning to the current energies surrounding the property from previous owners/tenants or current resident energies to determine where the energy needs balancing.

By attuning to the House/Property guardians; customised sets of singing bowls are selected and played (eg. Smokey Quartz / Rose Platinum / Lapis Lazuli…) as well as Reiki Energy, Sounding, consecrated Egyptian Sacred Anointing Oils and Spray Mists are used to shift stuck energy FAST.

Please contact Atlantis Rising Healing Centre for further Clearing information, so a time frame (usually 45 mins depends on size of property) and travelling time for your property/land clearing Price on Application can be discussed.

Why crystal bowls are so profound…

Our entire human body down to our very DNA is crystalline in structure, causing it to respond and resonate with the extraordinary frequencies associated with quartz crystal. The specific harmonic energy that emanates from crystal singing bowls is determined not only by the bowl size and shape, but the combining of pure quartz with other elements including precious gems and minerals. The resulting “Alchemy” tones are nothing short of incredible. And now in this age of awakening, as our fundamental understanding of frequency expands, we know that Alchemy Crystal Bowls are powerful tools for transformation and healing.

That is why quartz singing bowls have become one of the most sought after sonic tools worldwide, and advocated by experts such as Andrew Weil, MD a world renowned author and leader in the field of integrative medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine doctors, Reiki masters, massage therapists, healers and energy practitioners are all incorporating crystal singing bowls into their practices. Feng Shui artists clamor for them, and musicians find that they powerfully enhance the human voice in both recordings and performances. For centuries, various spiritual traditions have used the power of sound, and acknowledge crystal singing bowls as important tools of entrainment in their sacred practices.

Crystal Tones® singing bowls… The difference is crystal clear.

In this time of awakening, we are all rediscovering our innate abilities to tune in to frequencies. We now realise that the universe and everything in it is moving to specific tones and vibrations. Now more than ever, we are all embracing our individual ability to recognise not only the purity and clarity of energy contained in a given frequency, but how it effects us mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Clean, positive vibrations are what we all are striving to connect to, and quartz crystal singing bowls are now recognised as powerful tools to assist in this process.

Crystal Tones® crystal singing bowls are made with ONLY THE HIGHEST GRADE Quartz Crystal that is guaranteed to be over 99.99% pure! No other Crystal Bowl can approach this level of purity because Crystal Tones® uses quartz from the most sought after mine in North Carolina known worldwide for its unsurpassed quality.

Crystal Tones® singing bowls are produced on a one-of-a-kind custom-built machine that utilises a proprietary quartz fusion technology. This allows for the absolute highest magma temperature during production, and creates a highly stable crystalline matrix in every Crystal Tones® singing bowl. This is a quality difference you can clearly hear and feel. For the highest quality and purest tone, look for the Crystal Tones® logo to insure you are making a sound choice in your crystal singing bowls.