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Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart

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Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart – A Blueprint for Living in the Now

In this personal living guide, your heart opens and you receive the wisdom of The Immortals.  Ask your questions and your answers come directly from your intelligent heart, who knows truth and reveals its ancient secrets in this daily living guide.

New scientific evidence reveals that your heart has an important role in supporting the Endocrine function of the entire human body.

If you have a heart, you must read, “Awaken your Immortal Intelligent Heart”
Brenda Littleton, M.A. Ed., M.A.

Carmel Glenane does a magnificent job to remind the world that the center of our life is found by living from the center of our heart.

In a time where consciousness is often mistaken for the mind, or even brain activity, Glenane presents a daily practice of heart-centered healing where weaving science, ancient spiritual disciplines, wisdom studies, and exercises of activation, provides the reader direct access to deep, personal growth.

By integrating both light and shadows of the heart, this step-by-step process grounds the initiate toward a journey of realignment of purpose, of remembering one’s true value, of rejuvenating energy, of regenerating the mystery, and of resourcing opportunities for the soul.

This work truly contributes in making conscious the unconscious, while holding open the portal of transcendence between magical goddess energy and contemporary healing interventions.

Heart-centered healing is the language of love, and the application of Glenane’s work will be useful not only to the individual reader, but also for couples working toward intimacy, for families wanting to communicate more effectively, and for businesses working through conflict resolution. Classical extension of the archetypal Feminine was present, as lineage and advisor to the soul, through the vessel of Heart energy.

The strength of this book’s structure, content, organisation, tone, and research contributes to the existing body of literature already established by HeartMath, Rupert Sheldrake, and Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way
Brenda Littleton, M.A. Ed., M.A. Counseling, Marriage Family Therapist, a Jungian counselor, and a depth psychologist

Carmel is right, if we trusted the wisdom of our hearts more often, we would all find our own true passions much quicker & certainly be much happier!
Dr Shelley Sykes TV Host & Best Selling author The Happiness Bug


Carmel Glenane (B.A. Dip Ed), founder of Atlantis Rising Mystery School and Healing Centre has studied esoteric and psychological disciplines since 1975.

Carmel is a powerful, interactive and dynamic motivational speaker.

A channelled writer, esoteric teacher and sought after healer, Carmel is known for her transformative tours, sacred ceremonies and powerful vortex gridding around the world in sacred tour destinations such as Peru, Hawaii, North America, Turkey, India, Bali, Bolivia, Japan (3 tours), Egypt (12 tours) and the great central heart of Australia, Uluru.

With over 20 years experience in the self-development industry, Carmel helps people to facilitate their journey into the Heart through the energy of the ‘Mothers’ wisdom.

Carmel is Australian Ambassador for Happy Charity and “Director of Happy Spirits” and is currently writing her new transmission “Embodying All Truth”.

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