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Azeztulite/Pink Aura Gold w/Lemon Aura Gold Base w/Etched Flower Of Life 9″ G#+25-Throat Chakra

$ 6,074.00

Azeztulite  –is a celestial connector of the “I AM”energy. The frequency of spiritual lightabove and below us is linked, and the resulting energy sphere is highlighted in the third dimension for heightened consciousness and understanding. This powerful alchemy changes our cellular energy, allowing our awareness to properly expand and illuminate. Azeztulite is said to be among the highest vibrations in the MineralKingdom. Attuning to it can activate the third eye and crown chakras, as well aschakras above the head in the etheric body. As a special conduit for this energy, the clearing of disease in its many forms is permitted,allowing for anease in the experience of being in the world, but not being of it. Merkaba ascension is fosteredas one more easily tunes in to the pulses of the universe, activating the bridges for dimensional travel. Azeztulite is considered to be the primary stone of the Great Central Sun, and can create many changes both personally and globally as we move into the Ageof Awareness. Achieving this universal higher-state frequency is greatly accelerated with this potent crystal alchemy, as one more easily recognizes and claims their universe citizenship. (Enhance Azeztulite with: Diamond, Morganite, Sunstone)


Pink Aura Gold– A high-frequency love alchemy resonating with the pure energy of the Magdalene. A companion of unconditional and courageous love, Pink Aura Gold resonates the enacting of all activities from a heart-centered origin. The radiant healing love source vibration guides the heart to inspire themind.

Lemon Aura –Allows one to discover their true essence and will power, to come from a place of knowing, and stay balanced within the Divine Feminine.

Flower of Life- The Seed of Life – Matrix of the universe. – Connecting the All of Every Living Thing.

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Product description

Energy of True Allowance of your potential. Brings joy & upliftment of spirit.

Flower Of Life- The seed of Life. Matrix of the universe. Connecting the All of Every Living Thing.