Product description


Divine Radiance – Divine Feminine ALCHEMY™

Diamond: The transcendent high frequency of diamond stimulates and opens all of the chakras with intensive light on the crown and etheric chakras, serving as a reminder of one’s spiritual destiny.

Platinum: Divine Feminine: Pastel rainbow elegance is achieved in our yin energy Platinum Bowl that stimulates the Divine Feminine, relieves stress and depression and aligns the intuitive emotional body. This stunning alchemical bowl unifies astral and physical body fields in a sonic opalescent rainbow bath – a super harmonizer/balancer. It has a calming, steadyinggrounding effect for perfect attunement resonance. A beautiful addition to any sacred union celebration

DOCTRINE OF SIGNATURES:  These Forces are pure creation and pure power for All you are.  The Earth Mother blesses your creations.  The Earth blesses your holy work, for you are now vibrating with Earth Mother as a Force; as an Intelligence.  This Intelligence has encoded in it Peace; Space and Order.