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Emerald / Rose /M O Platinum w/Etched Gaudalupe 8″ A-20 – Third Eye Chakra

$ 7,856.00

Peace and Miracles.    A bowl of Miracles through The Mother. Strengthen the heart, opens to Receiving Love through the Divine Feminine remembering.

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Product description

Emerald / Rose /M O Platinum w/Etched Gaudalupe 8” A-20 – Third Eye Chakra

Emerald: The Emeraldalchemy blends heart and grail energies with powerful quartz crystal, radiating through the heart chakra from Divine realms of loving intention and wholeness. The Emerald Bowl is an exquisite tonal waterfall of flowing heart healing,helping alignment with heart wisdom, encouraging Higher Selfpurpose – centredness, emotional balance and courageous, compassionate living from one’s Life Core.This exquisite fourth chakra bowl is power-packed with love, opening one’s heart to Universal Grace which some say is the Holy Grail. The Emerald Bowl’s fourth chakra water energies radiate love, inner peace, wealth and abundance and are strong spiritual “heart medicine”,helping the physical heart and emotional body releaseimbalances/challenges and feelings of unworthiness.

Rose:Love Activation

A heart-to-heart bowl for emotional healing and calming. Known as the “stone of gentle love,” natural rose quartz is fused with pure quartz crystal in this award-winning “most transformational product of the year” bowl that encourages inner harmony. Softly opens the heart center, relieves tension, heals etheric fields, assists in relationships and aligns the chakras while energizing our innate love core.

Mother of Platinum : A natural harmonizerof pure quartz and platinum that creates a mother of pearl essence and opalescent finish and carries the energy of Venus, the goddess of love. Microscopic bubbles added to the quartz produce a porous surface and pastel elegance with a nurturing vibration of water elementals. The beautiful and spherical completeness of pearls represents an ever-present and fullness of Spirit. Helpful in working through emotional issues and giving birth to mature Divine Mother/Gaia energies in a sound stream of comfort.

Gaudalupe: Mexican Mother of Miracles