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Tesseract Salt / Lemon Aura Gold / Androgynous Indium Base 8″ C#+35

$ 3,916.00

Bridging the 4th Dimension – Enthusiasm – Yin & Yang Balance ADVANCED ALCHEMY™


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Product description


Bridging the 4th Dimension – Enthusiasm – Yin & Yang Balance ADVANCED ALCHEMY™

Tesseract Salt – Eases one into the 4th dimension, into Soul awareness.

The Sacred sounds of the Tesseract Salt Crystal Singing Bowls carry the energies of tesseract salt of all Earth’s ancient oceans. As we are spiritual beings of water, salt, crystalline and DNA bodies, the sacred geometry of a 4-dimensional tesseract cube within a cube replenishes itself and assists our ascension pathway into the higher spiritual dimensional energies.

LEMON AURA GOLD: Allows one to discover their true essence and willpower, to come from a place of knowing, and stay balanced within the Divine Feminine.

ANDROGYNOUS INDIUM: The deeply violet-hue iridescent bowl contains Indium, a non-synthesized natural substance for vitamin and mineral absorption, balance in body alignment, centering, clearing and integrating male/female aspects of self. Radiating the violet light of ascension (I AM ONE), the Androgynous Indium bowl illumines one’s Interior Life, allowing all aspects of Self. Embracing the physical shift to male/female balance, we fully dance the expanded frequencies of Enlightenment that transcend cultural belief systems.

DOCTRINE OF SIGNATURES: Through the support of The All Love Guides, you are able to challenge this remembering, to become activated and give you the life of power. It is essential that the energy be stabilized and integrated at the Heart/Self Centre, because it is the platform for ascension.