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Tesseract Salt/St Germain w/Etched Flower Of Life 8″ D#+5-Belly Chakra

$ 5,963.00

Tesseract Salt – Eases one into the 4thdimension, into Soul awareness.

The Sacred sounds of the Tesseract Salt Crystal Singing Bowls carry the energies of tesseract salt of all Earth’s ancient oceans. As we are spiritual beings of water, salt, crystalline and DNA bodies, the sacred geometry of a 4-dimensional tesseract cube within a cube replenishes itself and assists our ascension pathway into the higher spiritual dimensional energies.

ST GERMAIN – Ascended Teaching Alchemy – Soothes and calms. Allowing one to be. Expresses all your hearts truth, desires and allows peace and enlightenment.

Flower of Life- The Seed of Life – Matrix of the universe. – Connecting the All of Every Living Thing.


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Product description

Purification. Upliftment of spirit. Release to the force of true remembering. Remind one to say: I AM FREE. Brings profound release of the past.