Product description

Imagine right now, being given a map of your human incarnation.

If you want to allow yourself the true peace and connection of all you ever were in your remembered self you are invited to journey with your guardians into the world of your HEARTS “SECRET” Heart.

Your ability to hold light for your Stargate Heart Illuminates The Path through ‘Ten’ Initiatory Gateways, where Earth Mother and The Final Secret Heart Guides become the Teachers.  They will challenge your definition of yourself and support your courage in accepting your ‘Soul’s Blue Print – The Master Plan”.

Your Tutors for the journey are ‘Ten Gateway Guardians’.  Through Ten Ascension Gateways your become Initiated under trusted yet challenging initiations.

This body of work is the Fifth book in a series which began in 2001.

Are you rerady to ‘Crack the Code’ of your reptillian minds domination over your ‘Souls Blue Print”?

If you are, this book is for you.