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Welcome to The Atlantis Rising Healing Centre & Mystery School – Crystal Singing Bowl Temple Online Store.

We offer you these quality products to assist you in your quest for transformation and personal empowerment as a truth seeker. You are invited to browse and be guided by your own intelligent heart, to select the treasures that will assist you in your life of expansion.

The Sacred Spray Mist infusions are energised and charged for your Reiki miracles and include Sacred Sound frequencies with Crystal Tones singing bowl healing frequencies in pure water.  They are safe for your personal use, at home or workplace and a great gift or travel accessory.

The Books are all channelled by Carmel Glenane and form the basis for all her training programmes. Please contact Carmel if you would like more information of her training programmes.

The Atlantean Stargate Jewellery is a collection of Australian Designer, hand crafted jewellery energised to assist with your personal transformation.

Our Crystal Singing bowls are all made by Crystal Tones in the USA and are made from 99.9% quartz crystal.  These bowls may contain natural visible imperfections, which do not affect the sound quality.

Please refer to “Begin by Allowing” for help to select your bowl.

Please be advised that, whilst we do have a large range of bowls,  not all sizes and notes are available.  We have a select range of Alchemy and Advanced Alchemy bowls.

All the bowls are available for purchase now.

We offer Door to Door Fragile Freight Courier Service for delivery of bowls purchased within Australia. This service is a Flat Rate Fee of $120.00AUD + GST

International orders are welcome, shipping costs are based on weight / volume and destination of package, therefore you will need to contact us for a quote for International shipping, Please email:

Please note that International shipping requires us by law to complete Customs Declarations regarding the cost of the item. These are ethical transactions and Declarations will be completed in accordance with Australian law.  Fees and Taxes may be required to be paid in the country of destination, and this is the responsibility of the purchaser. You will be contacted by your countries Customs Department prior to final delivery to your address.

All the Crystal Bowls are shipped complete with suede mallet and O ring.


Greetings Carmel and Tricia,

The beautiful Rose Quartz bowl arrived this morning, and as promised, she sings long and beautifully. The sound is celestial.

She has joined five others in creating a beautiful sounding and matching chorded harmony. Such is the magic of Crystal Tones singing bowls, the finest on the planet.

I would like to extend my appreciation to you Carmel for facilitating the sound comparison of  your three A# bowls, and for advocating the Rose Quartz based on its more substantial qualities.

Also, my dealings with Patricia were warmly accommodating, delightfully customer focussed, and with post sale attention to detail concerning shipping and delivery, the likes of which I have only experienced once before, and that was when I purchased an earlier bowl with her support.

Hopefully a 12 inch Crystal Tones superbowl will be my next purchase!

Thank you both once again.  John.

May 2019.

For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

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