Holidays with a Difference…

Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to a country? Or why these countries call you? Perhaps your soul has had an incarnation in these countries or maybe your souls lineage belongs to one of these countries?

Why do we take holidays? What is your purpose or intent when you take a Holiday?

Would you take a Holiday to a destination if you didn’t know why you were going?

People take ‘Spiritual’ Holidays for many different reasons, to cleanse, to purify, to nourish, to clear Karmic patterns. A spiritual tour to a Sacred destination can help people to re-connect back to their core soul selfs, re-connect to their life purpose, and begin to understand the reason they have chosen this incarnation, and their purpose in this life time.

Allowing yourself to take a holiday, says you need to receive. Well Done! How about a Holiday, which is not merely a getaway but incorporates the added dimension of inviting the Sacred Essence of this country, it’s people, and the spiritual traditions of that country, to heal, empower and renew you.


Due to current Global Travel Limitations – November 2020 Tour has been RESCHEDULED to NOVEMBER  2021 

I urge you to make the most of this extended time to prepare your Financials and to complete the REQUIRED TRAINING to be able to Reserve your Spot on the Tour.  

We WILL RETURN to EGYPT as soon as we can.

Heart I Love you, Carmel.

14 Days – 5 Star Luxury Private or Twin Share Accommodation

14 Days of 5 Star Luxury Private or Twin Share Accommodation  /  Welcome and Farewell Dinner  /  Full Breakfast and Dinner Daily /  3 Night Luxury sailing on The  Nile – including Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner  /  5 Star Luxury Accommodation in Aswan, Luxor and Cairo with views to The Great Pyramid when in Cairo / The Sphinx on the Giza Plateau / Round Trip domestic Flights Cairo -Aswan – Luxor  /  Transfer and Luggage Handling and Tipping /  Teaching and Activations through The Ancient Egyptian Mystery School traditions with Carmel Glenane & Crystal Tones Singing Bowls

Extensive Sightseeing including all entrance fees: The Egyptian Museum / The Great Pyramid of Giza/ The Sphinx / The Red Pyramid of Dahshur /  The Temple of Isis on The Isle of Philae /  The Hathors Temple at Dendara and the Great Temple of Osiris at Abydos  /  visiting Kom Ombo and Edfu Temples / The Valley of The Kings and Queen Hatshepsut Temple  /  The Temple of Karnak / Evening visit to Luxor Temple and The Saqqara Complex with many more secrets along the way..

Full details:

**PLEASE NOTE: Your decision to travel anywhere in the world today is your own decision.  The official Australian government website, ( has for some years now declared Egypt as a Destination – ‘Reconsider your need to Travel’.  When making your decision, you will be told by many people it isn’t safe.  It is important to make your own decision, independent of others.  I have facilitated Spiritual Teaching Tours to Egypt since 2001, with no problems, even in 2011 when the revolution was on.  Atlantis Adventures Pty Ltd are not budget tourist tours, or spiritual tourism tours.  We work with a quality ground teams to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  We offer a fully supported training program through my 5 Books Teachings, with Crystal Tones singing bowls accompanying us in the many sites we visit, facilitating the most powerful experience imaginable.

Please be aware we are NOT Travel Agents, you will need to contact your Travel Agent for Visa requirements, and international flight information. You may wish to check the following This Link  for competitive Travel Insurance. 

JAPAN TOUR  – 10 DAY  –  MAY 2022

Due to current Global Travel Limitations – May 2021 Tour has been RESCHEDULED to MAY  2022 

I am very excited to be able to offer you this magical Tour to Japan. The Tour is crafted to allow you to experience every day, an explosion of ‘The Unique’.   Our hosts in Japan have an uncanny ability to know what you need.  Getting under the skin of a destination is something very few experience. We guarantee an exclusive selection of experiences unique to our Tour.  Imagine being opened up to Reiki’s birth place at Mt Kurama and  the ancient sites of  the Shinto. As the secret training takes place in Danjo Garan, you too will have ancient secrets revealed to ‘you’.

We deliberately keep our party numbers limited. It will make you feel like an exclusive club, when the Hearts of the Group come together to share experiences that are never ordinary, seldom typical and always aim to excel even the highest expectations.  My meditations are inner adventures, discoveries of your hidden self. Crystal Tones singing bowls provide the most incredible resonance to bring you Bliss and power up your Heart’s intelligence.


Please be aware we are NOT Travel Agents, you will need to contact your Travel Agent for Visa requirements, and international flight information. You may wish to check this guide  for some recommendations of competitive Travel Insurance. 


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